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Online Marketing: 3 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid

These days, it’s easier than ever to promote and grow your business online. And it’s important too; that’s where homeowners are looking for you. But if you’re like most home professionals, you’re working with a tight schedule, a lean staff and a limited knowledge of digital marketing practices. And this can make it easy to…


Money Matters: 4 Expert Tips for Creating Profitable Project Estimates

Creating job estimates is one of the toughest parts of every home professional’s job, but it’s also one of the most important. Accurate job estimates earn the trust, repeat business and referrals of your customers. And they can also help you better manage your finances and increase your bottom line. To help you up your…


Getting Back to Basics

In today’s on-demand world, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest ways to reach new customers and increase the bottom line. Unfortunately, it’s also easy to lose sight of good customer service in the process. That’s why it’s important — perhaps now more so than ever — to slow down and put some…


Avoid Hiring Mistakes With 3 Simple Questions

Depending on the job, a sub-par worker can cost thousands of dollars in damage — and drag your business through an ugly firing process as well. When you begin interviewing, ask yourself these three questions to ward off any costly hiring mistakes. 1. What makes a good interview? During the interview, take note of how…


5 Costly Business Mistakes

You don’t install sinks backward or fall through attic ceilings, but you might be making other, less obvious mistakes without even knowing it. Here are five costly — and common — business mistakes and how to fix them. Mistake #1: Over Promising. Over promising usually ends in under delivering — which always results in an…

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