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Teen Scholars Tackle the Labor Shortage

We asked high school seniors to imagine a world — just 30 short years from now — in which no one knows how to build a house or fix a leaky toilet. Our challenge to students: How do we fix it? HomeAdvisor awarded a $5,000 scholarship to three students who devised a creative solution to…


Best Marketing Practices for Contractors Like You

On top of running your business and completing jobs, you may be thinking: I don’t have time for marketing! If you can only dedicate a small amount of time to improving your strategy, we know how you can get the most value. The following best practices are key to good marketing, and you can work…


7 Tips for Going Green as a Business

Times have changed, and green business practices have become more profitable and in-demand. Studies* show that more than half of consumers will accept higher price tags from eco-conscious companies, and that they are actively pursuing green materials and products. There is a fear among business owners that making eco-friendly changes will shrink their profit margin….

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