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Meet the New Word of Mouth

No Online Reviews? You’re Definitely Losing Business. Increasingly, homeowners turn to review websites — instead of to friends and neighbors — to find contractors. This shift has made online profiles critical to building a trustworthy and profitable business. Here’s a quick primer on the world of online reviews, and a few tips to make them…


5 Tricks to Simplify Your Finances

Streamlining your finances doesn’t have to be a challenge. These general tips – and helpful insights into financial management software from the business efficiency experts at mHelpDesk – will help you keep your money organized – and ensure it stays that way. 1. Modernize Finance Methods Modern payment tools allow you to calculate bids, send…


7 Traits Homeowners Look for in a Contractor

When it comes to navigating home renovations, homeowner Julie Schlueter is an expert. Over the last three decades, she has experienced two home renovations and a house built from the ground up. All of that experience has taught her what she likes in a contractor. “Remodeling your home can be overwhelming,” says Schlueter, who lives…


Getting the Best Return on Your Leads Investment

By Paul F. P. Pogue Wise use of HomeAdvisor resources keeps CertaPro busy year-round in Huntington Beach. Pat Wade took over the Huntington Beach, Calif., franchise of CertaPro Painters after 20 years of working in another field that took him all around the country. He wanted to work closer to home, and since then since…


7 Solutions to the Skilled Labor Crisis

The saying “work smart, not hard” could easily be used to sum up the mentality of most young Americans who are trying to decide on a career path. High schools preach the mentality that the 4-year degree is the standard, and anything else below it is considered alternative. Guidance counselors use careers in the trades as “cautionary tales”, and now more than ever, the view on a career in the trades is considered “lower class”, not to mention we refer to the lower middle class as “working class”. The skilled labor shortage is an issue that I personally feel connected to because of my experiences.


Finances Made Easy: Your Monthly Checklist

Preparing bids, scheduling jobs, managing projects, hiring subs — running your own business is busy work. And sometimes it can leave little time for important tasks like tracking your company’s financials. Fortunately, managing your money doesn’t have to be an afterthought — or a time-consuming chore. Download this free checklist to keep your finances streamlined.


It’s A (Wo)Man’s World

The housing crisis is all that’s talked about now. During every lunch break, every sports game, every phone call, people are talking about who has a house, how much someone’s house has risen in price, how someone managed to rent a house, or a buy a house, or sell a house. Nobody talks about how we got in this mess. Nobody wants to acknowledge that this crisis is of our own making. Well, there’s no use trying to change the past, but maybe there is still hope for the future.


Post Hurricane Harvey – The Need for Skilled Labor

The need for skilled laborers was never more apparent than after the storm. Hurricane Harvey caused catastrophic damage to the city and the city had to recruit skilled laborers from neighboring cities and even states to assist with rebuilding the city. It was impressive to see how many workers were there to lift a helping hand to a city in need. This experience was a teachable moment to many Americans because it highlighted just how vital skilled laborers are to the country.

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